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Quickie Well-being Assessment

Welcome to the Wellcoaches quickie well-being assessment. Well-being is a state of optimal physical and mental health. The 15 engaging questions below are focused on science-based areas which together form the foundation of our well-being. Your best guess at your scores will give you a snapshot of your level of well-being.

After you answer the 15 quick questions, we’ll show you a page which summarizes the scores you gave yourself from the highest to lowest. Please print this page as your record or we can email it to you if you provide your email address.

Note that we are not asking you for your name, contact information, or any demographic information. We want you to think about your well-being and what drives it, celebrate what’s going well, and perhaps tackle areas where there is potential for improvement and a healthier happier you!

Comments or suggestions are invited and welcome. Please email clients@wellcoaches.com.

Our best,

Coach Meg and the Wellcoaches Team